Saturday, May 1, 2010

Foul Play!

Haunt of Fear 19

“Foul Play!”

Originally Published: “The Haunt of Fear” #19, EC Comics, May-June 1953
Writer: Bill Gaines and Al Feldstein
Art By: Jack Davis
Colored By: Marie Severin
Editor: Bill Gaines

If there were ever two people meant to work together in the comic business, it was Bill Gaines and Al Feldstein. While they did not 'invent' horror comics, they certainly revolutionized them. They were also able to bring in some of the greatest artists of the time, Jack Davis being one of them.

Both Gaines and Feldstein have admitted 'Foul Play!' (published in 1953) may have pushed the envelope a little far. It's fair to say that E.C. Comics was the primary reason the Comics Code Authority was created and that the Code was created to get rid of E.C. Comics. Just think of what comics would be like today without thirty years of draconian censorship...

For changing the game, 'Foul Play' must be considered one of the greatest horror comic stories of all time.

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