Monday, March 14, 2011

All Hallows

“All Hallows”

Originally Published: “Twisted Tales” issue 1, Pacific Comics, Nov 1982

Script: Bruce Jones

Pencils: Tim Conrad

Inks: Tim Conrad

Colors: Steve Oliff

Letters: Carrie McCarthy

Cover Art to ‘Twisted Tales’ #1: Richard Corben

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All Hallows Image

It wasn't supposed to be like this...

11 submissions and 3 scripted by Bruce Jones. When I started this examination of the best horror comics, I knew 'Jenifer' would be there. 'Yellow Heat' made a lot of other lists, so I felt obliged to include it for shock value alone. But "All Hallows"?

Jones does something amazing with 'All Hallows'. Oh sure, there's the 'Big Payoff' that you see coming from a mile off. No, the devil here is in the details. It's the treatment of the classic supernatural revenge tale. In 1982 Bruce Jones knew the youth of America were being desensitized to violence and pointed towards shopping malls.

God was now spelled GDP.

I'm extrapolating, but there is an eerie detachment from reality that 30 years haven't seem to fix. Maybe as Mr. Jones postulated, we are ALL HALLOW after all...

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