Monday, January 18, 2010

The 100m Dash of Horror

How does anyone determine the best anything?

Usually, there are two methods:
1. Measurements
2. Opinion.

But how does one measure art? Do we judge how closely it mimics reality? Seriously?
How about effectiveness? Do we judge it on a scale of 1 to 10? Isn't that just an opinion?

Even informed judgment that assigns measurement is still just an educated opinion.
There's 'popular opinion' and 'experts agree' sorts of consensus as well.

Then there's the criteria. What makes a great horror comic story? Art? Writing? The ability to emote? Sales?
Yes. yes, yes and heck no. Should its impact on the medium be taken into account?
If we're looking for 'greatest' probably, if we're looking for 'best' then no.

Is the best horror story the one that scares you the most, or are horror stories just cautionary tales cloaked in nastiness?
The best horror stories are the ones that get to you. They wiggle that long, gnarly finger through your sterile shields of rationality to stir your psyche like a cauldron.
They relate to us and make us panicked and unsettled. You actually carry them around, like any memorable experience.

In horror comics, the long gnarly finger is the art. How much it stirs us is the story.
Please notice I did not say writing. I said story. In comics, writing is a part of the art.
Great art can burn onto the retina, a great story can boil the brain behind it.

My hope is that with enough discussion, we can arrive achieve a consensus. I need your input. If you've ever read a great horror comic, tell me which one. Please!

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