Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Originally Published (black and white): “Creepy”, issue 63, Warren Publishing, July 1974
Writer: Bruce Jones
Art: Bernie Wrightson
Editor: Bill DuBay


I consider Jones and Wrightson’s “Jenifer” the best horror comic story of all time. It wasn't an easy choice. Many would disagree (although it does make a lot of Top 10 lists). This story doesn't rely on a 'twist' ending. Everyone sees the ending coming, it just makes the man's plight all the more terrible as he's helpless to avoid his fate. It is gory, but nothing worse than what we'd expect from 'Creepy'. This story just works. And this is prime Bernie Wrightson, which is a pleasure onto itself.

I've put the colour version from PC Comics on my SUBMISSIONS page as most fans would not have seen that version. The original black and white version is all over the Internet. Try doing on image search for 'Jenifer Wrightson'.

More comments available on the pdf on the Submissions page! Feel free to comment :)

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