Friday, October 21, 2011

The Digital Age - Part 2

Or... "The New Porn Site Paradigm"

Perhaps you don't know this, but porn hubs are some of the best categorized and searchable sites on the Internet. You can search by keyword, fetish, file type, duration, rating etc... They link into one another, are optimized for search engines, streamlined for speed and advertise like crazy. Sure there are those annoying popups and java scripts, but don't kid yourself. A lot of programmers have spent a lot of time putting these things together.

What does this have to do with comics?

There are many parallels:

Free Internet Porn. There is a lot of free porn online.
Pretty much all of it is in copyright violation or by amateurs.

Free Internet Comics. There are a lot of scanned comics online.
Pretty much all of it is in copyright violation or by amateurs.

Pay Sites. Porn wants your money. Subscribe.

Pay Sites. Comic companies want your money. Subscribe.

Porn Collectors. Some people collect porn. They won't admit it.

Comic Collectors. Some people collect comics. They won't admit how much this obsession costs them.

Big Business. Porn is a multi-billion dollar industry.

The Comic Business. Is not.

Back Catalog. Porn's been around for awhile. It has an extensive back catalog to draw from.

Back Catalog. Comics have a back catalog that makes Porn weep with envy.

OK. Imagine this:

1. Every comic ever published is now online.
2. Every online comic is broken down by writer, artist, genre, publication date, key characters etc...
3. There all available through one search engine.
4. Readers can rate the stories and comment

My God! Could you just imagine selecting a genre such as 'Horror' and search by 'Rating'? How about by 'Alex Toth'? Or '1978'?

Would you pay $9 a month for this?

I would.


  1. If I could have access to all the old EC horror comics, Yes. I'd pay for it. But I would have to be able to subscribe to someone like you who knows which comics to look for and which to read.

  2. I would envision it like any other media hub where you could sample the first few pages, read other member's comments, reviews etc...

    At a flat subscription fee (like NetFlix), it wouldn't cost you anymore to read the non-classics, just time.